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Friday, August 25, 2006

weight gain

Lois got on the scale yesterday and at 15 weeks of pregnancy and now the “bloated” feeling, I can report that from her pre-pregnancy weight until now she has gained a whopping 1 pound!
She doesn’t get it, since she feels fatter.
I keep telling her that if she didn’t throw up her one meal a day every day for the first 3 months, she would be even fatter…LOL, totally kidding.
On the other hand, I am eating all the same stuff she is, but not throwing it all up, so I have already gained 7 lbs during her pregnancy.
I am working on it though and embarrassingly enough started a weight loss blog that will hopefully be motivation to get my butt in gear.
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It'll be interesting to see what I gain in these weeks before our next midwife appointment. I never weighted myself right before the pregnancy so I only know I'm 11 pounds up from my winter weight!!! But I think some of it is muscle. I hope.

Good luck with the weight loss!!!

10:17 AM  

Have you considered Weight Watchers? I lost tons of weight with WW and I love the program.

12:05 AM  

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