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Monday, August 28, 2006

maternity clothes and feeling full!

I think it’s funny when Lois gets another noticeable symptom of pregnancy. I really don’t think that Lois believed that things would happen to her that happens to every other pregnant woman. She repeatedly is surprised when we notice things, like a growing waistline.

While the morning sickness has subsided a little (I keep reminding Lois how bad it was and how this is better), she is starting to get a few more pregnancy signs that are the growing signs, not miserable signs.

Apparently, the clothes need to get a little bigger. Lois is determined not to go out and buy clothes, so she can wear mine for a little while. But she doesn’t want the cute maternity stuff, she thinks she can just wear bigger and bigger sweatpants and button-down shirts. We shall see.

This weekend, she relented a little and we went bra shopping. We started at Target and ended up at Kohls. It turns out we were impatient shoppers and we missed the maternity bras and went straight for the regular bras in bigger sizes.

Lois settled on a comfy bra that was a size 38D. I giggled a little at this. I giggled even more when we got home and she tried it on. It may be a little too snug. Looks like we will have to go bigger!

Then, she got on the scale on Sunday morning. Remember my post on Friday about gaining 1 pound so far. From Friday to Sunday, she gained 4 pounds!!

Now, Lois does not look pregnant yet. Since I know she is, I think she looks pregnant, but she said she just looks fatter. (I think she looks wonderful, but she gives me a nasty look when I say that!)

Every so often, she will feel exceptionally full after eating and it’s less than her normal dining experience. She equates it to overeating at the Nordic Lodge and feeling like you ate so much you can barely breathe.

I am trying to absorb as much of this pregnancy experience as possible without laughing at all of her little idiosyncrasies.

BTW – I went with Suz to Babies R Us to buy Kaden a Halloween costume and I can’t wait until we are putting our little bundle of joy into a little lobster outfit, or pea pod or dinosaur or chicken costume. That will be one of those pictures that is so unbelievably cute we will want to share with Chubby’s girlfriend/boyfriend when Chubby is 16 years old!
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I know all too well what she means by that full feeling. In the evening after dinner I tend to feel stuffed even if I don't eat that much. I feel uncomfortable and feel like I need to burp or something to make space. It's from all of the organs being squashed, I guess. :-P

Some maternity clothes are quite nice and you can get different styles. I like Old Navy because they are actually cheap compared to the maternity stores like Motherhood. Although I love my Thyme jeans--they have a huge flap that you can have up or roll down to different heights--perfect for any stage in pregnancy. And comfy!!!

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I am so with you when you say "I am trying to absorb as much of this pregnancy experience as possible without laughing at all of her little idiosyncrasies"! We're just a few weeks into the pregnancy and I'm amused and fascinated by every little thing Wendy is experiencing. I truly do have to figure out a way to keep my enthusiasm for things such as nausea, burping, weird pings around her middle, etc. in check. It sounds like we're in the same boat!

- Karen

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Some practical advice:

Come visit us and the Motherhood Maternity outlet store near us for some real pants that will fit and some plain (yes they do make them) shirts. Or just borrow some of my maternity clothes ...

It's been my experience (3 times now, so I think I know something...?) that during pregnancy you will need to go up 1 band size (at first, maybe one more later if alot of weight is gained or baby rides really high) and 2 cup sizes until the birth when you will gain another cup size when your milk comes in and for the first month or two. So if the the new bra is too small, try just going up another cup size. And do try them on in the store!

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Found many coupons om maternity clothes at Mothercare store....

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I agree about the maternity clothes issue. I'm 5 months along today and have officially outgrown my partner's pants. I have borrowed some maternity clothes from friends who know I don't go for frilly, cutesy. I have a shaved head and typically wear more masculine style clothes. Does anyone know if there is a maternity clothing line anywhere for us proud mommy dykes?

12:31 PM  

I have been searching for that line of maternity clothing too and can't seem to find it. I'm thinking that someone needs to make one soon. There's a huge market for it. Even the non-lesbo types are often not looking to dress as "girly" as most maternity clothes are.

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