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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a little friendly wager

It appears that Lois and I are going to have a little wager going on with this boy/girl thing.

As I said, I really think it’s a girl. Lois seems to have some feeling that it’s a boy. (BTW – I am convinced that Salina is having a boy, sorry Benji!)

We don’t care either way. Maybe we’ve had one or two conversations where we expressed that maybe we would want a boy (remember Lois has the 10 year old twin girls already). But, if Chubby is a girl, we will be just as ecstatic and promise not to try and return her to where she came from.

Like I said before, my concern about having a girl is that she will hate football, want to paint her room pink, dress like Britney Spears, love to shop and hate the Yankees. Plus, Lois has had a girl’s name picked out since we started TTCing and I have a feeling I will eventually crack (even though I am not a big fan).

Then again, we could have a boy who likes pink and wants to be a cheerleader. Needless to say, it’s a good thing we have some straight girlfriends.

I digress…

We are placing a wager on this. What better way to start out as parents - on the road to teaching our future child valuable moral lessons in life - then to gamble.

Lois is thinking about a possible wager. The wheels are turning in my head as well….
I’m thinking if I win, I get to drive her new car for a week and maybe if she wins, I cook for her (ummm, maybe that’s not a great prize).
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GAME ON!!! Hell no if Stacey pulls this she is definetly not cooking for me for a week. Although it would be a great weigh loss diet or driving the mini van. :)

11:37 PM  

Stop worrying! Your child will imitate some things you do and like and also like some different things too. S/he won't develop real opinions until much later which is good, since Elliott currently has a thing for the color pink. Despite that, he really doesn't care what he wears and likes to headbutt Daddy. Chad thinks he's guy. I say it's too early to tell and we both don't care either way.

11:22 AM  

Hey, Angele! I read that!

I never know what we're having. Hey, didn't you change your vote? I thought you picked "boy" earlier... :-P

I think a wager is good. I just can't decide if it's a boy or a girl and don't feel like betting on either. Plus I hate losing. ;)

I picked boy for you so I'm with Lois. :)

12:24 PM  

Aj was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, nothing could change her mind, that Charlie was a girl. We never found out before he was born, but she was so certain. She bought ONE pink flowery nightgown. The only girly thing she bought. Everything else, down to the diapers, was gender neutral.
Everyone else (including me) thought he was a boy. Well, they (and I) were right. He is definitely ALL boy!
And the first night at home he slept in a pink flowery nightgown.

3:23 PM  

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