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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

guessing game

I am convinced we are having a girl. Lois is convinced it’s a boy!
While we still have time to find out, I am looking at the # of guesses in our Chubbys expectnet.com game. Not a ton, but enough to warrant the conversation of “what will the prize be???”
I, for one, like Bevin’s suggestion that the winner gets to babysit Chubby while Chubby’s mommies go on a post-baby moon getaway.
I do understand that to some people, babysitting isn’t necessarily an exciting prize. I also must contemplate the fact that the winner may not have easy access to the State of Connecticut, so the door is now open to suggestions.
It can be something like a basket of cookies to a virtual prize, let the ideas flow!
posted by Holly at 10:22 AM


Getaway? HA! You're going EVERYWHERE with that bundle. You wouldn't have enough cell phone minutes if you left him/her with someone.

12:45 PM  

I love the idea of a babymoon. Especially if it means I get to spend a weekend babysitting and/or house sitting.

If the winner doesn't take that prize, they should get home made italian cookies from Loey's favorite bakery.

12:54 PM  

Only Loey thinks of babysitting as a prize.....
Cookies sound good!

2:51 PM  

Does the donor have a baby-making track record of more boys or girls? Some seem to contribute to WAY more of one or the other. Ours was split down the middle--and since we already have a boy (two counting my 22 yr old stepson) we were thrilled it's a girl. Do you have a preference? Very happy for you both!

5:23 PM  

Lois - I am so glad you found me! Definitely put a link to my blog in :)


I think it's a BOY! I will officially register of course...I am glad you & Holly are doing well!


5:38 PM  

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