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Monday, August 21, 2006

getting my yankee on!

I don’t get into my baseball fanaticisms with too many people.
Our entire office is mostly NY Yankee fans (Lois is a Mets fan!) and our firm actually has tickets behind home plate at Yankee Stadium (they’re for clients, not us!)

Now, the one and only Red Sox fan in our office has been RELENTLESS this year!

Friday morning, he was bouncing off the walls after the Yankees lost to the Orioles and kept saying the Yankees were headed for a huge losing streak.

So, I just posted this on my door in retaliation.

posted by Holly at 5:11 PM


love it!!!

8:50 AM  

Nice blog - Another queer/ttc woman, however I'm also a HUGE Yankees fan living in the heart of Red Sox Nation. This weekend series was pure pleasure to watch and enjoy.

I posted the covers of the NY Post and Daily News on my office doors this morning. Felt great!

Good luck with the baby

2:06 PM  

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