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Friday, August 25, 2006

picking names

In other news, we picked a boy’s name! It will remain a mystery to readers for a little while longer, but it all came together when we picked a middle name. (sorry)

The middle name will be the same whether Chubby is a boy or a girl.

Now, we need to work on a girl’s name.

I think I’ve said this before, but Lois has a thing for Danica Patrick (the Indy car driver) and wanted the name Danica. I have never particularly cared for that name. But now, with our decision on the middle name, it doesn’t seem that Danica will work, so I have an opening to come up with something else!!

How exciting!
posted by Holly at 9:33 AM


OMG the naming is so hard. We're still torn but I'm sure we'll figure something out within the next 6 months... It's hard to agree on names sometimes or come up with names that sound nice enough to give them to your child for the rest of his/her life!

10:15 AM  

Please don't do that! Don't say you have a name but can't share it. It's torture! If you pick a girls name, just don't tell us at all. Say you're not sure, but don't say you won't tell.

12:46 PM  

We can't even decide on a name to call the baby until we know the gender! We've pretty much got our girl name picked out, but a boy name and the "until we know" names are tough.

We'll look forward to hearing the final result from you guys!

- Karen

2:58 PM  

Spell it right. Please God spell it right. Letters exist for a reason. Don't subsitute them with other letters, or symbols, or anything.

I'd skip anything uber popular... abigail, madison (the worst name in history), samantha, olivia, anything ending in -elle or -ella. And for god's sake give a girl a girl's name. No Mc- or -son. Girl.

Sorry... teachers are obsessive about names. I used to hate getting my roster for the first time each year and going down the list and seeing the abominations these poor children were cursed with.

Oh, and whatever you pick will probably change ten times, and then again when he/she/it/them is born. Charlie was Julian right up to the first time I saw him, and that went out the window because there was no other possible name in the world for this child than Charlie (yes, his name is Charles, not Charlie).

1:56 PM  

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