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Thursday, June 23, 2005

pregnancy confirmed

So the first test came up negative. We sighed and moved on, thinking that we would try next month. So, maybe it was a generic Walgreens pregnancy test, and maybe we were testing too soon.
Then, Lois was late for her period. Every time we talked to each other during the day, I would ask, “has it happened yet?”
“Nope,” was the response with a slight high pitch.
Lois is never late (ok, she is ALWAYS late, but not with that).
Friday morning, we tried a different pregnancy test. The test instructions had three pictures of possible test results: a light + - (pregnant), a dark + - (pregnant) and a – - (not pregnant). Lois’ test came up with a vertical line and a horizontal line. There was no picture for that.
We argued back and forth about what it meant and I left for work thinking it was negative.
Unflappable, Lois went to work and called the customer care center for the pregnancy test company. She explained the direction of the line.
“Oh, that is definitely a positive,” the rep said, “Any vertical line is a positive even if the test line doesn’t show.” And she and Lois agreed that we would send the test back to their quality control division since the test line didn’t show.
My next conversation with Lois was along the lines of incredulous.
“We are basing our definitiveness of whether or not you are pregnant from some customer service rep in Walla Walla.”
Lois was convinced, I wasn’t.
I admitted that the line was the necessary line for the + if the test line had showed up and I admitted that is was 5 days after Lois was supposed to have her period. I just wasn’t 100% convinced.
Last night, to satisfy me, we spent big bucks on the digital test kit. There is no confusion with these, it says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” very clearly. This one is a little more complicated and Lois handed it to me to put together. I am the guy. I messed with the cable wires and TV/VCR setup when we moved the entertainment center around, and I put together the digital pregnancy test. Such talent I have.
After an impatient 3 minutes, we viewed the test together.
It very clearly said “Pregnant.”
Holy Crap!
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

"I don't feel pregnant"

Lois does not think she is pregnant.
I know it is way too early for any signs, but she expected some noticeable change or feeling within herself on day one.
“It never happens on the first try,” she keeps saying.
“Lo, we went through a procedure to make sure your cervical problem was corrected, we have been trying to locate a sperm donor for almost a year, and now, on the first attempt, we have injected washed, healthy sperm directly into your uterus on most likely the exact day that you ovulated. This has not been a breeze, and the odds of it happening the first time with this process are not that bad.”
“I still don’t feel pregnant. It never happens on the first try.”
I give up.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

it may be today

It may be happening today!
We weren't ready for it, but the ovulation predictor came up positive last night.
Our math must be horrendous.

I have to work (hopefully I will not be the 'absent father' in this whole thing) but Laura will go with Lois to make sure Lois doesn't back out.
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