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Sunday, February 26, 2006

truly perturbed

I was left a message that really bothered me. It, of course, was anonymous.
This is what it said:

perhaps if you had been referring to this baby as YOUR baby, not "loey's baby" you'd have better luck. isn't it going to be your child as much as your partner's? i guess i don't get what's wrong with you that you wouldn't refer to this child as yours from the get-go.

Now...this person obviously does not know us.

First, I used “loeysbaby” for the web address to the blog because loisandhollysbaby.blogspot.com was too long and ourbaby.blogspot.com was already taken. The title of my blog is “Lois & Holly’s Baby Story” not “Loey’s Baby and Holly doesn’t give a rats ass”

Second, I have never for one second not considered this child anything other than ours together, my child as well as Lois’. I have never never never considered me less of a parent because I won’t be the birth parent (do I need to get into my family history and Lois’ more recent past?) Even after the miscarriage, Lois remarked that I had been much more upset about losing the baby than she was.

Third, I vetoed Lois’ superstition today and went to the IUI. The entire way up to the clinic and back, we talked about how maybe this time was the time, about how we would be great parents together, how both our parents would be grandparents again, etc. We will be anxiously trying to distract each other to get through the next 2 weeks of waiting to find out if it worked this time...if WE will be getting pregnant.

I am stunned that anyone would read my blog and think that I am not considering this my child too. Is that the message I am sending out because never in a million years would Lois even think that I don’t consider this child my own.

Every single person who knows me, work, personal, school, friends, all know how excited I am to have a child with my partner who I am dedicated to spend the rest of my life with a raise a family with.

If anyone out there reading this thinks that this anonymous person (why be anonymous?) is right, chime in! And to say that maybe we would have better luck if I wasn’t this asshole who didn’t think this baby was mine too?

I’m just blown away.

I don’t know what else to say.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Our next attempt will be in about 10 days. Now, we are debating who should be at the next try.
Lois is a little superstitious, so she doesn’t think I should be there since it has never worked with me there. She wants Laura there because Laura was there in June when it worked the first time.
Me, I am a little uncertain about the superstition, but if it makes her happy, I will stay away.I don’t think I care who is there, so long as Lois is definitely one of the people at the insemination.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

just keep on...

We got proof that it didn’t work this time.
I was really thinking it would since everything seemed perfect. I guess there’s still a little chance involved.
The next time we try will be around March 1st. That was the due date for the baby we lost in the miscarriage, so I am trying to not be down about it. We only have five attempts left.
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

a negative?....

We did a First Response pregnancy test this morning at it was negative.
I’m still holding onto the fact that during her first pregnancy, Lois did get a positive until days after she missed her period.
Lois doesn’t want to hang on to false hopes.
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

patience, patience

We are still waiting…

Convincing ourselves that it worked this time…

Wonder if tonight is too early to do an ept…
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