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Friday, March 30, 2007

random update

I've really been unable to blog or read much of our buddies' blogs out there during work hours. Work is busy and it's not the sort of job where I can goof off too much.
I don't want my friends out there to think I'm not paying attention, I'm just doing most of my catching up on nights or weekends!

In our news, Andrew is getting better.

The pediatrician (who we really like) didn't want to put him on Zantac or anything, so she suggested we do a heavy mixture of the breast milk with rice cereal. It seems to be working like a charm!

He's getting to be a little porker now. Not sure what the current weight it, but we are much more aware of how much he's eating.

Last night, in one feeding, he ate 6.5 ounces of the breast milk with the cereal in it!

He wasn't going down in the crib, so we put him back in the bassinet in our room for a little while and he had 3 nights in a row where he slept for 5 or 6 hours straight! Last night, he even put himself to sleep in the bassinet!

The first night he did it, we looked at the clock when we woke up and wondered if he was still breathing!

And for one more update....(sorry the post is so long)

I'm buying a car.

It was pretty much down to my brother's WRX, a used Mazda 3 and a new Toyota Yaris.

The Yaris bombed in Consumer Reports and the used Mazda was almost $14k.

I need a car that will go 16-20k miles a year. And I don't want to buy something used without a warranty (I gave up on ebay searches).

Plus, the funny thing is that one of car dealers who was a Volvo/Subaru dealer basically talked me out of buying a car from him and into buying my brother's car. He said I can probably drive it for 2 years, then trade it in and get pretty close to the same amount I paid for it. Furthermore, it's AWD, which will be super nice to not leave Lois stranded when I go to work in a snow storm.

The car shopping experience was horrendous.

I went into a Toyota dealership to buy a Yaris. The guy kept trying to sell me the top of the line Corolla. He wouldn't listen to me and he kept calling me "Molly."

His follow up letter said "thank you for your interest in a Corolla Sport." I wanted a bottom-of-the-line Yaris, you ass!

I got tired of the question "How much money can you put down on a car?"

None. Nothing. Zilch. We bought a condo a year ago, bought a car for Lois in September, I switched jobs, Lois was on bed rest then lost her job (no income since Thanksgiving), we just had a kid who only can keep down the most expensive formula. The timing sucks.

No one has in stock that car on autobytel.com that's the manual transmission, no options $11k car. They do, however, have a much better deal for $3,000 more.

The Honda Fit is expensive once you price it out. And the gas tank is located under the driver seat. That's scary.

The Nissan Versa is one of the better options but you can't get one for under $15,000.

These cars with great gas mileage have 1.6 or 1.8 Liter engines that don't go faster than 65 mph and have no side curtain air bags.

I want a $10,000 car that lasts me at least 100,000 miles. I must be asking for the world.

I'm still bitter about the Hyundai. I bought the car because it was $10k off the lot with no money down. It had a 100k mile warranty and I was a law student making $100/week.

When the engine blew, the mileage was 100,530.

I tried calling service departments, Hyundai dealership managers, the corporate headquarters, consumer affairs divisions, etc.

"Don't you guys have some good faith policy to fix something when the warranty just expired? Don't you want to avoid the bad PR that a Hyundai car will only last through the week it hits the warranty?"

Nope. It's not worth it. The car isn't worth it.

It's amazing how much value your car has to you (when it's functioning). 2 weeks ago, my car was invaluable to me, getting me to and from work without hassle. Then, (POOF) just like that, it's worth shit.

No, it's worth less than shit.

It's a car worth less than shit that I still owe the bank $1,800 on.

It is currently sitting in Bill's driveway. I cleaned it out (which was very sad) this weekend and there it sits. It sits until I can pay off the lien through Chrysler Financial, get the title to it, then donate it to someone who will come tow it (i.e. kidney foundation, local tech school, etc.)

This is what my ride is now worth.

I am buying the Subaru WRX. It’s a hot rod with a rear spoiler, turbo hood, white exterior, 5-speed manual transmission and leather interior. And the leather is custom – black and royal blue with baseball stitching.

Ok, the car's not really screaming suburban-mom-lawyer-professional. But it works.

Hell, I'm lucky that my brother is totally hooking me up – for under $10k. I'm taking a used car loan from USAA that will cover the taxes and registration, with an extra $500 to put towards paying off the Hyundai. (YES, I LOVE USAA - the interest rate on USED cars is less than some new car financing available other places!)

I just want this ordeal to be done and over with.

I feel better putting my son in the Subaru than some of the other cars I test drove.

The only down side is that I need to get all of my local cop stickers and shields onto the car ASAP. With an engine like this, I am going to get into trouble on the highway! (LOL, I'm not known for being a slow, patient driver).

- - -

Oh yeah, and our baby shower is on Sunday. I can't wait!
We have the perfect outfit for Andrew all picked out!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

after a long day...

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Click here to read the proposed bill - An Act Concerning Marriage Equality.

Please click here to take some action!
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A UConnn-less final four

I don't know what happened. UConn didn't show up last night.

They got crushed by a Pokey-less LSU.

It wasn't due to lack of a fan base.

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This was the best picture we got because Andrew started crying moments after it was taken.

- - -

In other news, Andrew is doing better on just breast milk. He still definitely has some constipation problems here and there, but it is much better than when he was on Enfamil Lipil.

Today, Lois will try to get him into the doctor. We are thinking he might have reflux. In the past week, he's been spitting up more - even an hour after he eats, and he seems to be in pain right as he's spitting up.

Maybe the pediatrician will have her own recommendation for formula - we are currently leaning towards Good Start since it was overwhelmingly recommended by people.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

growing up too fast?

I know that we are letting our little boy spiral out of control with his wild lifestyle.

We’ve already shown you pictures of him sharing a pack n’ play with a younger woman, Miss Emma.

Now, they are drinking together.

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And Andrew is putting the moves on an intoxicated and half naked Miss Emma after a few bottles.

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What to do with our little Casanova?

Yes, I know we are twisted.
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Friday, March 23, 2007

about poop

If you don't like discussion on bodily fluids or bowel movements, move onto another blog - sorry for the TMI.

It's amazing what you will talk about, what topics of conversation can be thrown around the dinner table, once pregnancy hits.

During pregnancy, child birth and now, having a baby, it seems that no line of discussion is off limits. It doesn't even matter who is in the room anymore.

Now, I can talk and write about poop like I was discussing shoes or the ridiculous weather.

Our boy has been on formula for 36 hours. He was good yesterday, meaning he didn't cry all day. And he had an ok night.

This morning, he was very cranky during his pooping. Last night and this morning, his poop was a little different.

It was thicker. Same color, just thicker. Know what I mean?

Yesterday, Salina gave us some Enfamil Gentlease, so we're going to try that for a few days.

In the meantime, we are stocking our freezer with the boob juice in the hopes that we will be back on that soon with no problems.*

We're hoping we don't have "that crying kid" forever. Well, we'll love him even if he is.

*NOTE: we are very happy to be using the Playtex drop in bottles since clean up and warm up seem so much easier. Plus, the Playtex bags are so much cheaper than the other breast milk storage bags - HOWEVER - we discovered last night that the bags that ziploc would be easier. We must use 2 8-oz Playtex bags with a twist-tie for storage purposes. We'll probably keep using the Playtex, but we just didn't think about it when we bought the 4 oz bags.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Those who watch American Idol...WTF????

- - -

We are suffering from a little sleep deprivation in our household lately.

We're trying to figure out if we just have one of those babies who cries all of the time for no reason, or if something is wrong.

He was awake all night except for a total of about 2-3 hours. All day today, he went down for about 5 minutes at a shot, waking up crying.

We're tired. He's upset about something, or nothing at all.

We are thinking of going solely to formula for a short period to see if anything changes, then try breast milk for a short period.

You feel so bad when you don't know what the problem is. Poor little guy.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary Lo!

I played Home by Michael Bublé six times on the way to work this morning. Yes, I do realize that the music doesn’t quite fit with the Fast and the Furious style of my current mode of transportation but I just couldn’t stop hearing the song.

Things are going to now get sappy.

Today is our anniversary. 7 years ago today was our first kiss and 3 years ago today was our illegal New Paltz wedding. (Our civil union anniversary is in October - we can have more than one anniversary!)

I keep thinking back about when we first met in December 1999. Our lives were definitely going two entirely separate directions. Lois had left her ex and was hanging on trying to maintain a relationship with the twins. She was regaining a relationship with her family – one that was non-existent for 7 years. Lois was trying to get back to being independent.

I was a lost soul. I was waiting tables, bartending, drinking after work, being destructive, teaching high school during the day, trying to figure out life. I was applying to law schools because I didn’t know what else to do. I was also going through life as a straight girl.

I thought Lois was cute the first moment I saw her. She thought I was a screwed up, spoiled, straight girl. I think she made a decision not to get involved with me. I don’t know what was going through my head; I just wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. And I knew I wasn't straight.

Despite her attempts to not get involved with me, it happened. After we hooked up, she kept waiting for me to freak out. I never did. I couldn’t wait to be out. I was so thrilled about finding something that I didn’t realize I was looking for.

The first 5 months of our relationship was hiding things from my parents (I was living at home), sneaking off to parking lots or stealing time together in various places. It was like we were in high school doing something fun and forbidden.

I left for law school 5 months after we got together. Neither one of us had any expectations at all.

I was bad at relationships. When I felt I was losing control, I pushed her away. I tested her constantly, and yet she still persevered, even when she wanted to strangle me.

Through 3 years of full time law school, we saw each other almost every weekend (only 2 missed weekends). Lois made the 3 hour drive on Friday night after work, arriving exhausted. Some nights, it took her over 5 hours. Some Sundays, she’d stay until Monday and leave at 4 am. She was so wonderful and I was under appreciative, only getting sad and frustrated when she’d have to leave again.

There were many times when I would be an asshole, and she would just not give up on me.

7 years later, I am 50 lbs heavier and she still loves me.

Lois is wonderful.

She’s one of those people who no one could say anything bad about.

She has the biggest heart and the sweetest smile.

She does way too much for me, and she always has.

She makes me feel so warm inside and comfortable with myself.

Every issue I have, she embraces and tries to help me work through it.

She challenges me and doesn’t let me get ahead of myself.

She gives me something that I never thought I could have, nor did I know I was ever missing it.

My house is not a home without her.

Her smile will light me up across a crowded room.

Hearing her voice over the phone melts me.

Just holding her hand gives me the most comfort.

Watching her go through pregnancy and childbirth, which neither one of us ever in a million years thought she would do, was the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.

She is sensitive yet stronger than she knows.

She puts up with me.

She is probably way too good for me.

- - -


I love you...more.

I need you...more.

You are my everything.

Happy Anniversary!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

March Madness

What a night for women's basketball!

Go Red Foxes!!!!

There is a little March Madness going on in our house.

Andrew helped me cheer on Marist tonight.

(Don’t look at me, I look terrible. Look at the cute boy I’m holding!)

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They could go up against Tennessee next. I can't wait!

Here’s his St. Patrick’s Day outfit. Uncle Pat gave him this outfit, so sad to say he’ll outgrow it by football season. ;-)

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Yes, I am a UConn Women's Basketball fan, but I, of course am a Marist fan through and through (my undergrad alma mater). It's never on TV, but I try to at least watch tournament games.

Can you believe the women knocked off Ohio State??

Go Red Foxes!!!!!!!!!!!!

- - -

In other news, the weekend was nice. After spending 2.5 hours trying to get home in the snow on Friday (a usual 30 minute drive), I was hoping for a little down time.

Instead, I spent Saturday car shopping with Suzanne, my car dealer expert. It was an incredibly discouraging experience and I was beyond frustrated when it was over.

The problem is that I owe money on the Hyundai. I would have bought a Toyota Yaris on Saturday if the dealer wasn't being so shady. I will probably never have Andrew in it, so I am less concerned about the safety thing.

But, I can't even afford the cheapest new car on the market and payoff the Hyundai. And I need to buy something with a warranty and the certified pre-owned cars are overpriced.

The Toyota dealer spent most of the time trying to sell me the $18,000 Corolla Sport and kept trying to divert me from my desire to buy a manual transmission, no power package Yaris (maybe $12k or $13k).

So, I am back to the drawing board this morning.

Plan A is to call the Hyundai service center and see if they will try to fix the car under warranty. I mean, really, they give 100k mile warranties and 6 days after I hit 100k, the engine blows?

Plan B is to try to pay off the Hyundai in a few short months. My brother has graciously lent me his car, which I will probably buy from him if Plan A doesn't work out. I will pay him off as quickly as possible, so I don't have a car payment.

So, I am driving the Chad-mobile for now. It's a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo with 57k miles. And I think the originally owner was a drug dealer in Bridgeport, so the car is a little "pimped out" or "souped up," however you want to put it.

It's a white car with royal blue leather custom seats and a "amplified" muffler. I've been driving the car less than 24 hours and have already been mortified by pulling into my quiet condo, a nice gas station in Niantic, CT and this morning, pulling into the courthouse parking garage. Whether or not I am keeping his car, I am getting a normal muffler put on it.

I feel pretty cool driving the turbo-loud car around blasting Shawn Colvin.

- - -
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

the end of a day

The car is a goner.

The mechanic was trying not to offend me when he was telling me about the blown radiator and possible blown gasket and the fact that the work is more than the car is worth.

He did offer to get rid of it for me, but that would only work if the damn thing was paid off.


We made the end of the day better.

Lois picked me up at my office with a change of clothes and I gave her a Happy Anniversary card with tickets inside.

Tickets for this show.

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Everyone knows Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, right?

Pat is Lois' favorite (tied with Melissa Etheridge, of course)!

The show was INCREDIBLE! She totally rocks - - They both completely rock!!!!

We even had time for a quick bite before the show where we had the best chicken salad and the best cole slaw ever!

And, we made it home before the snow really started!

Despite being a little mad at me for spending money on her, I think Lois really enjoyed herself. She even admitted that she might find Pat hotter than Melissa.

BTW - I discovered today that my insurance company, USAA, not only the best car insurance company ever, but also is hooking me up with a great car loan!
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a day

Mommy Holly is having "a day."

Our anniversary is the 20th (7th anniversary our first date and 3rd anniversary of our illegal New Paltz wedding) and I am taking Lois out for an anniversary surprise tonight.

But based on the location of the surprise and the events of my day so far, we probably won’t be dining together and she will have to come get me which will put her in the worst traffic time and direction (plus the fact that it’s supposed to snow, rain, sleet and whatever tonight).

Ahhhh, the events of my day so far.

1. I had a conversation with another lawyer here and realized how many more hours I need to bill to make any money.

2. I am buried at work (why do I have time to write a blog entry?)

3. Other lawyers who are too busy want me to do their work for them

4. I just looked at my bank account and realized how hard we have been hit since Lois stopped working in November.

5. And the best for last...my Hyundai let me down this morning. I spent 30 minutes in the middle of the road in the rain this morning conversing with a city cop waiting for a tow truck while smoke poured out of the raised hood of my dead car and 90% of the people I work with drove by and asked "are you ok?"

I don’t need this. I can’t afford this. I brought my car into the shop in December to make sure I got things taken care of before my 100,000 mile warranty was up on the car. I hit 100,000 miles last week. Last week.

I kept thinking how this car needs to last me another year. Just another 12 months. It’s been good to me so far. It’s been a great car - $10k brand spanking new, 100k mile warranty, stick shift, tape deck, 4 cylinder engine.

Now the f*%ing piece of garbage fails me less than 7 days after hitting the end of the warranty!?!??!

I know I can’t spend my day fretting about this, but what the H-E-double hockey sticks am I going to do if this is a $500+ problem?


I need to get back to work. I have to bill mad hours.

Tonight will be fun dammit.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Outing

Am I the only one stunned that Sanjaya is still on American Idol?

- - -

Mommy has been crazy busy at work this week, so the blogging is at a lull.

Momma is getting worn out because little Andrew has been restless for the last 24 hours. Today, the little guy was awake ALL DAY - going down every several hours for a max of 10 minutes at a time.

Momma figured she would take him for a walk to give him some air and hopefully tire him out.

It was the first Spring day (and last one for a little while with snow in the forecast this weekend)!

The wearing the kid out plan hasn't worked so far. It's now 10 pm and he still hasn't napped. And we are not starving him this time!
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Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend overload


Things have been much quieter in our household since we started feeding the poor starving kid the appropriate amount of food.

So what do we do?

We go and screw him all up with over-stimulation and awake-time this weekend so he was a Mr. Crankypants by weekend’s end!

On Saturday, Lois’ old (old as in “former” not as in “old”) softball team threw Andrew a little baby shower. It was a blast!

Everyone went crazy with the presents and our little guy is going to be set with baby athletic wear! (I promise to post some pics)

It started at 4 pm and we got home at around 1 a.m. (12:00 pm before we changed the clocks).

The little guy was passed around, walked into other rooms when we got too rowdy, and fed and changed by everyone else. We had so many babysitters in the room, Lois and I could have gone out to dinner and a movie - that is if we weren’t having so much fun where we were.

We know the poor guy was probably overwhelmed and overstimulated, but he was WONDERFUL! He slept here and there, ate well, didn’t cry much and was the hit of the party!

As we drove home, we knew we kept him out too long and there was too much going on, but he did so well!!! We are not stay-at-home people too often and we were glad that he seems to be okay (sometimes) when we take him places.

He does scream bloody murder when we put him in the car seat, but usually is quiet (asleep) about 2 minutes after the car starts moving.
We spent most of Sunday at home so he, and his mommies, could have down time. Of course, he slept most of the day, only waking up to eat 3-4 ounces at a time before going back to sleep for 2-3 hours.

Last night, he was sleeping during his awake time, so he made our sleep time his awake time last night. Serves us right!
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Emma and Andrew sitting in a tree...

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Who me?

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Friday, March 09, 2007

poor starving child

He’s been crying all day for almost 3 days.

Lois couldn’t take a shower because he would cry 2 minutes after she put him down. She couldn’t go to the grocery store or out to lunch.

Nursing seemed to be the only thing that calmed him down. So, to avoid creating any comforting habits, we did an experiment yesterday and tried to bottle feed as much as possible.

Apparently, we’ve been starving him.

It wasn’t comfort that he needed, it was food!

At one point last night, he took 5 ½ ounces in one feeding. After that, he was a happy guy for 2 ½ hours, until he was hungry again.

Sure beats breast feeding every 45 minutes!

Now, I know I will have some critics, but we are not overly into the breast feeding thing. For one, we want to know how much he is eating. Secondly, bottle feeding allows me to participate in the eating time as well.

A newborn needs about 19 ounces a day (correct?) and he’s probably not been getting that based on what her supply seems to be!

I think this experiment was predicated by Lois pumping on a regular basis and still only getting 1 – 1.5 ounces per pump session. She’s trying to pump frequently, listening to everyone’s advice about pumping even after you think you are done, etc.

Right now, she’s just not keeping up with this little piglet!

A friend at work recommended Motherlove More Milk Plus which I ordered from amazon.com to try it out. Hopefully, it will increase Lois’ milk supply.

I am taking Lois out for our anniversary next week and we were nervous about leaving him with someone if he was going to be inconsolable without his Momma’s boob!

I think in one day, we are already doing much better – we’ll see how Lois is doing when I call her in a little while!

As for the previous post I wrote about sleeping. I guess I was wrong. He is just not a sleeper. (Maybe because he’s always hungry – hopefully this will change soon now that we are feeding him!)

Yesterday, he was awake from 7:30 am – 2:30 pm with only 2 15-minute naps in the middle.

Then last night, he was awake from 6 pm until maybe 11 pm. He did sleep for about 10-15 minutes in the middle in his swing (which apparently only puts him to sleep when it’s on HIGH – he wakes right up if you turn it down or off).

He wasn’t really upset last night, he was just chilling out, staying awake for a very long time, staring at the lamp while making faces.

I spoke to a friend at work who has an 18 year old son. She told me that some of the traits a baby has in the womb and as a newborn will stay with him forever.
Andrew was always active in the womb, always awake and moving arms and legs around now and will probably be a high energy kid. It’s like he doesn’t want to miss anything. Sleep is just getting in the way of his alert time as far as he is concerned!

I just called Lois and Andrew is sleeping. She nursed him for 30 minutes, then gave him a few ounces by bottle. He was content for a little while and then fell asleep. She made dinner for Salina’s birthday tonight, she cleaned the kitchen, shredded cheese for nachos this weekend and is even contemplating taking a shower before he wakes up!
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the head

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wow, that picture is bigger than I wanted. Oh well.

We've been trying the swaddling thing. We had the kiddopotamus Swaddle Me things (which are great) and we recently were given a Miracle Blanket by a co-worker.

The poor kid is partially mummified by the contraption. It does seem to soothe him sometimes, but Lois thinks he hates being swaddled because we always struggles against it.

I am not quite sure if it's helping with his sleep or not, or if he finds it calming. The poor kid seems hungry all of the time, so it's hard to tell if he's crying because he's hating being swaddled or he's just hungry AGAIN!

For now, we are not being overly diligent on the swaddling. Lois never does, I'm the one who puts him in it.

I think he looks cute, Lois thinks we should start calling him "the Head" because all you see is a potato sack with a head sticking out.

Poor kid.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

blog and templates

I've been goofing around with templates and I'm getting very frustrated.

I really wanted to find a cute baby/kid type template that was unique.
I found a few but they don't seem to line up right when I try to change my template (like I have all of the side column and the body/posts are at the bottom)

I am considering moving to Wordpress, and I already found a template somewhere that's CSS that I like. However, I don't have the attention span or the technological intelligence to "get" Wordpress.

Do I need to use a host? Is it hard to learn how to post on Wordpress? change templates? add pictures?

Any blog savy readers out there who want to help me out??!?!??

I really appreciate any input!
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not the real thing

When Andrew was waking up this morning (watching them wake up is so darn cute), he made a few signs that he was going to start crying.

I leaned over him with the pacifier saying "do you want your binky?"

Lois walked by and said, "Hol, he's hungry. Asking him if he wants a binky is like asking you if you want an O'Douls.

Good point.
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Emma and Andrew again

emma and andrew 3-3
Originally uploaded by hollykr1976.
Lois and I have a few favorite songs.

The song "Sleep" by Melissa Etheridge is probably the most "us" song.

Close to every night we get into our position with me on my back and her in a "half-spoon" with her head on my shoulder to fall asleep.

(Then usually, once she's asleep, I roll her off and we just spoon. I've been doing this for years and only recently Lois woke up as I was moving her. Now, she likens it to me "throwing her off".)

I digress.

We often giggle as we occasionally sing this verse to each other:

I want to lay down on your shoulder
Just inside your arm
I want to listen to your heart beat
And your breathing on and on
I want to lay down on your shoulder
Surrender to your peace
And go to sleep

That's what I was thinking of when I saw this picture.

It's too cute and I think poor Emma and Andrew are going to be tortured with many more pics like this.

The parents are finding this too cute - they will hate us when they are 16.
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Friday, March 02, 2007

manic eater

We are not worried about Andrew’s eating.

He’s been gaining well – he’d better, based on how much he eats.

2/8 (birth) he was 7 lbs 0.5 oz
2/10 he was 6 lbs 5 oz
2/11 he was 6 lbs 9 oz
2/13 he was 6 lbs 14 oz
2/26 he was 7 lbs 14 oz

He is taking to nursing just fine and lets us know when he’s hungry. I mean, REALLY lets us know.

And this kid is ALWAYS hungry.

At first, I was a little cautious. “Gee, Lo, are you sure they’re supposed to eat THAT MUCH!?!?”

But, I was told by my wife and others that the kid is 3 weeks old, when he’s full, he’ll stop.

The other night, Lois fed him for 30 minutes and he was still hungry shortly thereafter. I supplemented with formula that night (some we have only done a little bit at night less than a handful of times) and he drank 2 ounces of formula! Then, he ate again less than an hour later!! What a little piglet!

The pediatrician told Lois the other day to try to go 2 hours between feedings. This, we’ve been doing slowly. An hour and a half, then an hour and 45 minutes. He gets very cranky when he’s hungry.

He gets frantic and manic when he’s hungry. It starts with several attempts to shove his entire fist or as much of his hand as possible into his mouth and suck vigorously. This is usually followed by his incredibly unhappy old man face (I just gotta get a picture of that face) and then he will attempt to suck on his collar or sleeve if it’s within his frenzied searching mouth.

Poor starving child.

We’re working on the scheduling thing. I did give Lois a chart (which I am revising myself) that I found here.

But it seems difficult to keep filling out a damn chart and keep up with the little guy.
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Randomness about March

Originally uploaded by hollykr1976.
It's March.

That means Andrew will be a month old soon!

That also means March Madness time!

Go UConn Women!! (The regular season Big East champs and #3 overall).

Thankfully, the baby shower is pushed back to April 1st. That will cause little interference with the Final Four scheduling, because I'm sure that was the most important scheduling item on the minds of our friends who are throwing us the shower.

Another March thing - since it seems be to coming in like a lion tonight - is that it I need to complain for a quick second about winter driving!

First of all, I consider myself a very good driver. I drive a 4 cylinder stick shift Hyundai with almost 100k miles, horrible tires and front wheel drive and I am still a very good winter driver.

Here's a quick list of things that frustrate me about driving in wintertime:

1. People who don't clean off their cars. I know that Fairfield County, Connecticut is swarming with 5'1" soccer moms who cannot reach the roof of their Suburban/Expedition/Hummer/Sequoia, but that's what extender brushes are for. It is highly annoying (and rather frightening) to be behind one of these vehicles on the highway when the huge chunks of ice and snow are being hurtled towards my little Hyundai that I carefully cleaned every bit of snow off.

2. Pick a speed. When it is above 40 degrees and it's lightly snowing, creating light rain conditions on the ground, it is totally unnecessary to go 25 mph on the highway. And vice versa, there is no need to go 80 mph or tailgate when it is heavily snowing and icing.

3. Gas station squeegees. We pay an arm and a leg for gas. Sometimes I even go inside and pay a $1.25 for a Diet Dr. Pepper (which is outrageous). The least, the LEAST, gas stations could do is put a little soapy water in those squeegee bins. I have yet to encounter one gas station this entire winter that has anything more than mud in their bins. I still use it anyway since it's a temporary fix to not being able to see out any window.

4. In bad weather, hang up the cell phone. I use a hands free microphone as is the law in Connecticut. Very few other drivers seem to care about this law. However, the rule should be that if you have problems talking and driving during normal weather conditions, do not, do not, do not chat away on your cell phone in snowy conditions, it makes you doubly dangerous.

5. And finally, pay attention. Follow signs and pay attention to other drivers. Pay attention to people stopping ahead. Pay attention to other cars sliding or having trouble with conditions. Pay attention to the speed of traffic before you pull out in it. Pay attention - you are not the only one out on the road who doesn't know how to drive in bad weather!

Thank you!

I feel better now.
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