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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

good news so far

The sample looks good!!

I just heard from Lois, she is on the table at the doc's office. I am at work and couldn't get out to be there, but her mother is there keeping her company for that post-IUI wait period.

She called me upwards of 26 times so far today between the drive to the storage clinic and the drive to the RE's office and now from the RE's table. She is bouncing off the walls because she is sure it is going to work this time.
She even sang Melissa Etheridge to the sperm most of the drive as a motivation!

We're excited that the sample looks good, I am particularly antsy this time too because we think that since we resolved one problem that everything should be golden now, but we still are trying to not get our hopes up.

Sigh...we are keeping our fingers crossed as we enter the 2ww!
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today is the day of truth.

Last night we got a positive opk! Lois is ovulating!
Today will be the day, now we are keeping our fingers crossed for a good sample with lots of good swimmers.
If it doesn't look good, we might do another IUI this afternoon or tomorrow the better the chances.
Today is the day we find out if the last bad sperm sample we had was just a fluke.
We felt good about it this morning. We're keeping the fingers crossed and thinking good sperm thoughts.
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

figuring out what's wrong

We had an interesting telephone conversation with our doctor (Dr. P)last night. As we have been going nuts trying to figure out why we can't get pregnant again, she shed a little light on it.
The last insemination she did (end of Jan), she thought the sample was the worst she had seen, but didn't want to tell us then to discourage us. She did the IUI, then called the medical center that had been storing it and lodged a complaint. Dr. P said she knew for a fact it wasn't going to work for us that month.
The last IUI (Feb) we had the less experienced Dr. and Dr. P point blank said that the other doc hadn't done it enough to grade the sample.
So, now Dr. P wants to personally see the next sample and go directly to Xytex if she thinks it is not a good sample. She also highly recommended California Cryobank.
So, here's the plan:
We still have no sign of ovulation (?!?!) but hope it will be tomorrow. If it is not a great sample, we will do the IUI anyway and ask if we should do it 2x this month and/or just start looking for another donor.
She is already determined to work with us and deal with Xytex if needed regarding complaints, credit, etc.
While we are a little discouraged that this has probably been the main reason we are not pregnant yet, it is a relief to know that it's not anything we are doing wrong or that something is mechanically wrong with Lois' plumbing ;-)
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

another BFN

Another "Not Pregnant" on the digital test. It was confirmed this morning with the arrival of AF.
Now we are at Day 1 again. We're starting to use the fertility monitor today to see if it comes up with the same timing for ovulation.
We have 4 tries left.
I think this is a lesson in patience for us. Between finding a donor, medical holdups, a miscarriage at 3 months and unsuccessful attempts, this has been in the works for 16 months. It will happen when it's meant to happen, right?
A friend of mine had 5 miscarriages until she had her son and tells me that she wouldn't have had 6 kids and can't imagine not having her son so it all happens for a reason, right?
We are appreciating the difficulty it takes getting pregnant and will have no lack of appreciate for this child.
Enough with the patience test, okay?
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Thursday, March 09, 2006


We are now playing a game of ‘how long can we hold out without testing.’
AF should be here on Saturday or Sunday, so if it/she doesn’t arrive, we will test.
At least that’s what Lois says.
I think we are becoming less anxious with each attempt and a little more patient. Or maybe just better at distracting ourselves.
If is does work this time, how long should I wait before I tell my mother?
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

that damn wait again

Today is Day 3 of the 14-day wait.
How can we distract ourselves and not be thinking obsessively about it?
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